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Tumblr is an Android application created for online content creators worldwide, called bloggers. A social application is widely used by people today, to help you keep your friends up to date with the latest news or knowledge or events in your life.

You can post your blog any updates found on the Internet and to upload personal photos, or video creations. Synchronize your phone with this application and detects which of your contacts have a Tumblr account.

With Tumblr for Android, you can follow or unfollow them; it depends on you. You can send private messages without limits, to appreciate or express your views through comments to the posts with friends.

Send messages, videos, photos, articles, manage multiple accounts, or add a widget on the screen to create publications. All this is possible if you install the application on your device Tumblr.

Follow your favorite blogs, posts, and come back anytime saves them see again. Wanting to keep pace with the time, he added Tumblr gifs and stickers to increase the dose of entertainment on the social network.

You can add filters and stickers to your photos to make them more fun and most valued friends. You can have fun and choose an emoticon to describe pictures posted by you. Install the Tumblr app, now with extra fun!

On Tumblr like on Facebook, Twitter you can follow popular from stars, for instance, Taylor Swift Tumblr, outlander Tumblr, steven universe Tumblr, lolita Tumblr, Calvin Klein Tumblr or even tags like Tumblr stock, Tumblr blog, Tumblr girl, fashion Tumblr, etc..

Tumblr app for Android is a good alternative for people that love to take photos and share with others.

Download Tumblr APK and create your personal Tumblr blog!

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Android 5.0 and up
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