Twitter Lite is a new version of Twitter, which keeps the same features in a much smaller format. If you own an Android device, you can download this application for free and save in your phone memory, as this application was designed to benefit users of handsets outdated Twitter application.

The application works well and if a slow or unstable Internet connection. Keep yourself informed about news, events, all with low data.

Twitter social network Twitter Lite retains characteristics, that you can share activities with loved ones. You can follow people, places, business news, you can create private or group conversations, download photos, and videos share content and more.

You can choose the privacy of your account remains in a private account, which is accessible only loved ones, or go to a private account in which to share your experiences with everyone. You mention people in various reviews or you can be and you, in turn, noted.

You can customize your profile with your favorite photos, location or adding your profile description. You can always see that people follow your work but who are the people you follow.

Your layout is simple and effective, with exciting colors, clean interface, minimalist, which can be accessed using the touch screen device.

On Twitter, you can start to follow popular accounts like Patton Oswalt twitter, FC Barcelona twitter, Pope Francis twitter, franklin graham twitter, George Conway twitter, Jeremy Werner twitter, Elizabeth Warren twitter, Coinbase twitter, McDonald’s twitter, etc..

Install Twitter Lite APK and get the latest news!

#Patton Oswalt twitter#FC Barcelona twitter#Pope Francis twitter#franklin graham twitter#George Conway twitter#Jeremy Werner twitter#Elizabeth Warren twitter#Coinbase twitter#McDonald's twitter
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Android 5.0 and up
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