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Yandex Search is like a real browser but with just one tab. Powerful Yandex search engine is ready to provide you with any information you may need.

It should be noted that The Yandex app is available only in Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish. Ru search engine oriented on local services and provides detailed search results.

All you need is enter a new address or search query and observe the search results page. Moreover, you can use voice search. Just tap the microphone and ask Yandex. Or upload the picture to find what you need in a tick with Yandex search by image.

Using the Yandex app, you can also scan QR-codes.

Check quick the weather forecast, analyze current traffic in your city sitting at home or office.

Find and view places near you on Yandex Map. You can find ATMs, restaurants, stores and a lot of other services. Also, Yandex Search provides contact details and working hours for you.

Subscribe and follow events in Russia and other countries. Observe hot news for politics, economics, science, sports.

Don’t you know what exactly you need? Yandex Search helps and predicts the answer for you. Use the proposed suggestions to find the best solution.

Following video or image instructions form Yandex Search, do things you have never try before. Try to search for what to cook for dinner or what song to choose based on today mood.

Yandex Search will find information not only online but on your phone as well. Find your contacts, messages, and other apps details using Yandex Search.

Log into Yandex Search easily using existing Yandex Account. Subscribe and receive new email notifications with updates and propositions from the Yandex Team.

Download Yandex Search apk from Softwsp and find instant answers to all your questions!

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Android 5.0 and up
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