Yandex Weather is an app with the weather forecast around the world from Yandex.  It proposes the forecast in the next ten days and compares the temp today with temperature this time yesterday.

Unfortunately, the Yandex Weather does not support weather history, but you can view what was the weather yesterday.

The Yandex app uses proprietary Meteum technology to make forecasts. This technology used machine learning and different predictive models to build forecasts.

Yandex Weather automatically determines the region you are located and shows the temperature outside. Also, you can receive the forecast for other city and differences in weather in various cities.

The service shows sunny and rainy days, temperature analytics in charts, air humidity, and rainfall for the next ten days.
Choose a place for a vacation based on weather forecasts. Compare the climate in different cities to have the best holiday weather.

Do you want to know the current temperature? Does it rain today? What do wind direction and wind speed for today? Yandex Weather can give detailed answers for ones. Find information about sunset time, barometric pressure, amount of water vapor in the air, water surface temperature.

Enable warnings from Yandex Weather and be informed about changes in weather conditions during the day. Yandex Weather warns about cold and warm changes, heavy precipitation, eclipses and meteor showers, an increase in wind speed, an increase in pollen counts. You can customize or cancel alerts.

Yandex Weather contains ads.

Download Yandex Weather apk from Softwsp and receive accurate weather forecasts for free.

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