YouTube is a worldwide popular website where users can watch, listen and upload an audio, video.

Users can leave comments, feedback, create playlists, give and receive likes, subscribe, add to favorite, add video to watch later and share favorite videos, but for this to be possible we need to create an account. Exploring the new design is easier than before.

You can subscribe to various channels and watch what you like, upload and edit videos and be informed about what is happening in the world.

In order to manage your YouTube channel with ease, you can use TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that allows you to easily manage your channel without to much stress and to waste time for adding info cards, etc..

You also have the possibility to earn money through YouTube Ads and monetize your video content if you generate enough views. Many Vloggers use YouTube Advertising in order to monetize their content.

From the homepage, you can search for content, browse channels. The app records your searches and suggests new content you like your search. YouTube Trending is another section in the application that lets you see the latest trending videos from your country or in the world.

Another interesting feature of the app is that you can send videos from your Android to your TV via Chromecast and you can perform voice searches directly from the application.

YouTube also has a premium version that includes ad-free, downloads, and background play in YouTube and YouTube Music, plus access to all YouTube Originals. YouTube Premium 1 month free is offered by YouTube for one month for free. YT Premium is a good option to enjoy your favorite music without ads.

Download the YouTube APK for Android phones and tablets!

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