Zero City Zombie is a free simulation game for Android. Take command of one of the last refuges in the new world! Bring the survivors together and lead them, help to survive, and assign duties ­­ there always a job for everyone!

The virus spreads throughout, and it is time for us to act before it is affected all people. Soldiers must be alert, and their armaments at the willing. Supplies and items found in abandoned warehouses will be useful in battles against hordes of zombies and their bosses.

In these hard times, every survivor counts, and everyone will have something to do! Teach your characters new skills, improve, and let them show you what they have learned in study!

Build effective weapons and equipment, arm, and dress your team! You will also be able to find and manufacture weapons and armors that will be used during the many explorations you will carry out.

Us are not the only survivors, but only the most powerful survive the apocalypse. Build a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in the arena’s tournament or attacks on other houses. Show all who are running the show in the open dispute!

Lead your team through all the trials of the new world and survive using the whole armory possible! Your fighter will face plenty of battles with hordes of zombies and mutant fanatics.

This game in a post-apocalyptic setting, spiced with an atmosphere of danger and featuring long-quality graphics, this game will leave no one unimpressed.

Downland Zero City Zombie games for Survival is a simulation game for free from Softwsp.

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Android 4.4 and up
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