Zombie Strike Last War of Idle Battle is a free role-playing game for using Android. Gather a team of soldiers who outlived the zombie Armageddon. Fight upon the zombie’s thousands of the walking.

Build-up, a dream team, experiment with squad formation, power up, and upgrade your warriors. Spend and collect your resources wisely — challenge opponents from all over the world on the Arena and battle for the survival of humanity.

Recruit survivors, change zombies, build a mighty team to defend your home! High Artificial intelligence automatic play, state farewell to manual operation, free your hands! Get loot even while you are offline, abundant rewards are waiting for you!

Thousand of companions and transformed zombies with specific skills! Build a crazy individual team! Diversified cultivate system, please level your hero, start your journey of survival!  Class match, faction restrain!

Resist zombies to obtain supplies, stage search, and it’s the only way to survive when doom arrives! Transformation institute, mysterious crystal, lucky roulette, enjoy your game! Tower of doomsday, challenge the zombies level by level!

Mutual assistance send likes to your friends! Friends do not let each other wander in the city alone! Fight in the arena, and only the strongest can lead companions to survive in the competition!

Found a guild with your friends and lead your guild to domination! Fight beside other guild members, challenge the guild Chief, obtain great rewards! The powerful guild tech can make be the best you in battles!

Download Zombie Strike Last War of Idle Battle apk for free from Softwsp.

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Android 4.1 and up
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