Zula Mobile is an outstanding first-person shooter with a taste of Counter-Strike. This time, two crews of up to five members each play fronting each other inside moderately small maps. The area of the maps is the very thing that makes sure you’re regularly included in the action.

The primary control system of Zula Mobile incorporates a virtual movement stick on the left side of the display, the point and fire buttons to the right side, and a button the middle that allows you replace your gun.

As per usual in this sort of game, you can modify the controls at will, setting each button everywhere on the screen.

Zula Mobile offers various distinct game modes, the most prevalent being the traditional ‘team deathmatch,’ where two units of up to five opponents go toward each other in exciting 10-minute rounds.

The first team to reach 50 frags gains the game. And if no team has attained the goal when the timer runs out, the crew with the most points wins.

Zula Mobile is a fabulous multiplayer FPS, giving a gameplay experience comparable to Counter-Strike, but well adjusted to touch devices.

The app also has an excellent graphic section, which you can change and customize using the options menu.

Download Zula Mobile for Android from Softwsp!

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